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Oct 2022 - 2023.

Currently on show at Ravelston, Glasgow

17th May 2018.


Venue:       In the Foyer, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf.                                                                                                 Curator:    Zelda Cheatle.

Exhibition Tour with Zelda Cheatle:    7:00 - 8:30pm, Thursday 17 May.                                                                    Running:  April - June 2018.


2018 will be a special year for thew AOP as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary. What better way to mark such an important milestone than to present a retrospective of our members' most iconic images at a public exhibition at one of the UK's leading locations?!

To recognise this important milestone, this exhibition, curated by Zelda Cheatle, presents a collection of images that define 50 years of the AOP, selected to illustrate the impact, diversity and quality of work by its members since 1968, who have included David Bailey, Lord Snowdon, Barry Lategan, Patrick Lichfield, Giles Duley and Nadav Kander. Their work will have been seen by the public the world over, from iconic images of celebrities and stars like Twiggy, in major advertising campaigns and countless car manufacturers, as well as documenting some of the world’s turning points, including wars, famine and humanitarian disasters. Many of their images have defined a generation, and helped to shape public opinion and create change.

Exhibiting artists include: 


Adam Hinton, Alan Brooking, Amit & Naroop, Anderson And Low, Andy Green, Barry Lategan, Carol Sharp, Carolyn Mendhelsohn, Clare Park, Clive Boursnell, Cornel Lucas, David Eustace, David Fairman, Donald Silverstein, Duffy, Duncan Caractacus Clark, Edgar Martins, Elizabeth Zeschin, Graham Ford, Harry Cory Wright, Jillian Edelstein, John Claridge, Jonathan Olley, Joseph Ford, Ken Griffiths, Laura Pannack, Lorenzo Vitturi, Marcus Doyle, Marcus Lyon, Martin Usbourne, Max Forsyth, Mike Sheil, Nadav Kander, Paul Wakefield, Paul Wenham Clarke, Peter Lavery, Rolph Gobits, Rory Carnegie, Sandra Lousada, Simon Norfolk, Simon Page Ritchie, Siobhan Doran, Spencer Rowell, Terence Donovan, Tessa Bunney, Tessa Traeger, Tim Flach, Tim Hetherington, Tom Murray, Tom Stoddart, Vikram Kushwah and Zed Nelson.

5th March 2018.

Client:  The John Kobal Foundation

Project Description: Digital Asset Management - Image Archive Database Design.

In early 2017 I was commissioned by the John Kobal Foundation to design a database using FileMaker Pro. The archive will contain some three thousand images and relevant data. The design phase of the project is complete and image import is in full swing. 

About: The John Kobal Foundation

"John Kobal was very keen to find a way in which he could see his own enthusiasm for photography continued after his death. In 1990 he formed The John Kobal Foundation as a charity to which he donated the photographic negatives and fine art photographs that he had collected over the years. These provide a source of income that is used by the foundation to encourage interest in and help advance the general public's appreciation and awareness of photography and particularly the area which most interested John - the art of portrait photography.

Since John's death in October 1991, the foundation first pursued this aim through the John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award, an annual award for the best portrait photograph in association with the National Portrait Gallery. It ran for ten years from 1993-2002 and was regarded as the most prestigious award devoted to portrait photography in the UK, drawing well over 200,000 people to the National Portrait Gallery every year.

In recent years, the foundation sponsored, amongst other projects, the John Kobal Book Award in association with the Royal Photographic Society and it continues to encourage emerging photographers through the grant of John Kobal New Work Awards to help towards the costs of creating or exhibiting new work. "

February 2018.

In February I was invited to join the group, Photographers United, established by Philip North-Coombes: 



Photographers United

"Photographers united stands for unifying Professional Photographers and Film Makers as a community, working together for the good of all."

This group's intention is to bring Photographers and film makers together to set standards,a method of working and above all, work ethics, act on behalf of and support its members, discuss ideas, concepts, share new work and websites, discuss new equipment and techniques in Photography.


Enable photographers to be a source of information for each other to build and develop their business and client list.


Recommend locations, post production houses and individuals, recommend exhibitions and publicise your own, suggest production companies, insurance cos, best buys and worst buys- worldwide etc.


What to avoid and what to pursue. Help each other to help ourselves in this ever changing industry.


Be mentors to those joining the industry.

  • Photographers United - Facebook
  • Instagram - Black Circle
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