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For a number of years I have been amassing a collection of documents that I have curated into various categories of photography practice, this has been conducted through emailed material that I have received, web pages that I have downloaded, scanned printed material and digital images.

Fine Art Photography Practice Research - Downloads

Please feel free to use the web links below to download my research and bookmarks. 
This archive of web based material has been amassed over a period of seven years and continues today.

As of the 30 June 2014 the archive numbers some 26,259 documents in PDF and JPEG format and some 11.18 GB of data relating to Fine Art Photography and is mainly UK based.

I have categorised the varied material in a manner that should I hope make searches a straight forward process.

Regards Duncan


Important Note!
Please note that I wish to ensure that the sharing of this material does not infringe the rights of the copyright owner. If you may have any concerns please do let me know via my email and I will do my best to respond swiftly.

This archive is shared free of charge and is not for further commercial exploitation by other parties who may download it.



Research Archive - Fine Art Photography Practice



Research Archive - Business Practice / Strategy

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